For the past few years, we have listened to the concerns voiced by many band directors regarding the use of the GHSA School Classifications. Our initial philosophy was that bands, as other school organizations, should compete utilizing the common GHSA school classifications commonly recognized by administrators, which we felt also tends to be indicative of available resources, etc. However, based upon these comments that we have received, we have restructured the classifications for the preliminary competitions to be based upon the size of a band’s winds and percussion sections. Seeding for the championship round is based upon the average of the highest two scores at preliminary competitions. For the Championship event only, we will continue our practice of awarding placements utilizing the GHSA Classifications. We feel that by adopting this practice, we have arrived at a compromise that will hopefully encourage more bands to participate in our events.

Preliminary Classifications

Class A: 1-30 Winds and Percussion

Class B: 31-50 Winds and Percussion

Class C: 51-80 Winds and Percussion

Class D: 81-120 Winds and Percussion

Class E (Open): 121 + Winds and Percussion