About the Series

The Georgia Marching Band Performance Series was started to give an alternative approach to Marching Contest in our state. You can enter any of our contests individually or decide to enter both contests to try for a series award.

Our judge’s sheet is very explicit and leaves little room for interpretation (Click HERE to view). It is our goal to run a fair and equitable contest that gives any band the opportunity to excel.

One difference in our contest is that we follow the GHSA classification guidelines for performance classification. We believe this gives smaller schools a real opportunity to compete on a level playing field. We want to reward all schools no matter the size. We do allow small schools the opportunity to compete directly against larger schools in the Finales portion of the contest.

We are very excited about our series and are planning for growth in the future. We hope that you consider coming to our contests. We will do everything to make it a rewarding experience for you and your students.

We welcome all suggestions. After the contest we will have a suggestion form on the web site. Hopefully we can improve every year.