GMBS Homepage

Thank you for showing interest in the Georgia Marching Band Series. Please take a look around and come back often! The Georgia Marching Band Series was started to give an alternative approach to marching contests in the state of Georgia. You can enter any of our contests individually or decide to enter at least two contests to try for a Series award. Our judge’s sheet is very explicit and leaves little room for interpretation. It is our goal to run a fair and equitable contest that gives any band the opportunity to excel.

GMBS is different than traditional contests in a few ways. First, classifications for contests are based upon GHSA guidelines. Second, GMBS uses a dedicated Drum Major judge. The drum major’s score will still be part of the band’s overall score listed as a sub-score on the Overall Effect Sheet. Third, GMBS does not have any registration fees for attending our contest. We still require a performance bond but you will always get that back after your performances!

We are very excited about GMBS and are planning for growth in the future. We hope that you consider coming to our contests. We will do everything to make it a rewarding experience for you and your students.